Spinning Old Skool House & Hardcore 89-96, Old Skool Funky House 98-2005, Breakbeat 03-08 plus US & UK Garage, Trance, Hardhouse.

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Interview with Outline Magazine May 2005 - Written by Queen B

Well here's another one for the girls of the area. I've been wanting to do this interview for a while but was a little apprehensive as i knew putting Vera's life into words would be like fitting the Titanic under Bishops Bridge! Buthere we go.....

Vinyl Vera, as her name explains, started out buying records at the young and tender age of 8 and her collection of records today takes you through Vera'swalk of life like a diary which is a great way of keeping those memories safe....everybody has tunes that they remember for some reason or another but Verahas thousands. Her music ranges from Disco to Punk,Acid House to Garage, she always has something for everyone!

At 8 years old, she grew up in the magical cult of the "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease" era and was often found blagging her way into the discotheques ofLondon Town trying to keep discovering her obvious talent for music spotting! First there was Kent, then she decided that Norfolk was the place to settle down...but settling down for Vera was'nt that simple when she arrived here and her constant thriving for more musical knowledge continued and it continued right into thenineties...The Rave Scene!

Going to raves in Cambridge and also the famous M25 illegals like "Pushcha" and The Labrynth(1989-1993). Vera didnt just attend these parties but hersister became staff and well-known characters and remember meeting DJ's like Daniel "Billy" Bunter at 13years old and Rat Pack at the very beginning of their career....before they were famous even! After doing these parties for a while she ventured across to "The Ministry of Sound|"(1994) and witnessed the new craze of US House/Garage spread through the London nightlife scene and Vera being Vera blatantly had to join in

At around this time, Vera met a certain Steve "Scratch" Wurley and a man called Mindy in Norwich and had made herself established on the local scene through her library of knowledge about the music. As things are just a few years slower round here than the rest of the country, Vera took her crew to London to introduce them to the Garage sound. Persuading the boys to make this stuff and then going on to produce 12-13 EP's at EMI Studio's and getting media attention by the likes of Danny Rampling on Radio 1's Love Groove Dance Party! After that they channelled their energy into the "Play It Buy Ere" record shop in Norwich(1998) where they could sell their version of of the best underground music of which they did for 3 years.

During all this time of buying, listening and dancing to records, Vera had never set foot behind a pair of decks in her life....well not to mix anyhow. So there was her last mission and a good one too. I mean who would'nt take full advantage of your enormous record collection and that is exactly what she is up to today, with gigs like Epidemik, Raindance & Moondance with an unmentionable amount of other gigs and parties, along with impressive slots on Nikki Elise's "House of Elise" on Kiss FM and the list goes on.

Vera always has the tendency to leave me speechless with her constant intelligence,knowledge and the way that she can make people feel through her music. She says that her late Grandmother is her inspiration, well Vera I hope you realise what an absolute inspiration you are.....not just for me but also for everyone else.