I am DJ Codge Jnr and live in Blackburn (UK) At the late age of 40 I felt I needed something in my life that was creative and fun, I bought a  beginners Numark NDX 400's & Mixer set up, with the aid of a few Youtube videos away I went. In the short time I have been mixing I have built up a Soundcloud following of 200+ followers and have  received over 10,000 plays on the many mixes I have uploaded.

With this new confidence in myself I looked into Radio Stations and had a few mixes aired on a few  stations.

I was then given a slot on a new Station Platinum Radio London, I had a great few months with PRL, but felt the need to move on.

I got in touch with Househeadsradio and was welcomed with open arms, I am signed on as a full time Flexi  DJ.

Since joining HHR the feedback and vibe received from listeners and fellow DJ's has been incredible.

I have now upgraded my set up to a Pioneer XDJ-RX and my skills are now progressing even further.

So please keep your eye's out for my "Ware's da House" show, and my pop up slots.

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Thank You

DJ Codge Jnr